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A unique mode of treatment for all type of disease without giving any oral medicine with the help of Dr.B.Sahni's discovery "DRUG - ENERGY TRANSMISSION FROM A DISTANCE”.

In this system of treatment the property of highly energised dynamic energy medicine is being transmitted to the patient residing anywhere in this world from our "KISHORE CARE HOMOEOPATHIC CLINIC AND REASEARCH CENTRE".


1. Patient has to visit clinic or for online treatment one has to take appointment for consultation with doctor

2. Expert doctor from KISHORE CARE will consult /call to patient. With Audio/video call doctor will understand the patient and his/her suffering in detail.

3. Four hairs of the patient from any part of the body has to be sent to our clinic through post or courier.

After receiving of seperated hairs of the patient in our clinic laboratory the transmission of energy medicine will be initiated.

The individualised energy medicine will be transmitted from our clinic laboratory and the patient may be anywhere in this world will receive the dynamic energy of the potentized Homoeopathic remedy as a wave as radio wave in radio or in television.

Hence here there is no need of taking any oral medicine or through injection.

Patient will recover from unhealthy to healthy state without any oral medicine with our energy medicine transmission method.

After payment of one month consultation fee and approximate medicine/transmission cost our Kishore care team will consult you and will fix appointment with doctor.  

Consultation fee and approximate medicine/ transmission charges for complete one month is – ₹ 1500 .
(Extra charges will be taken if more time taken in case taking, follow up , frequent remedy change or any rare remedy is needed in any particular patient.)

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