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Kishore Care Multy Speciality Homeopathy

Online treatment through Drug-Energy Transmission from a distance is a established scientific system in alternative system of medicine based upon remote application of energy medicines through waves.Patient does not have to take any oral medicine, injection or any ointment for any suffering in the body. Highly potentialised, dynamic energy medicines (immaterial and subtle in nature) radiate its characteristic value, travel as radio or electromagnetic waves and affect the diseased individual in order to relief their sufferings. The system of Drug Energy Transmission has got very successful results in treating all type of patient.

Following are the ways to consult us for treatment:

  • Personal consultation at our clinics
  • Sending Completed Case record from available here
  • Internet chatting, video call, Phone call, Correspondence with Contact Person & Address
  • Video Case Recording

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After Sending the case details of the patient, treatment process will be continued after selecting right medicine. Medicine is being selected with the help of a board of specialist doctors at our computerised clinics. Now the energy of selected medicine is transmitted from our online health care clinics. Total treatment time very with nature of the disease, time duration, susceptibility of the patient and other disease maintaining factor. Patient has to remain in regular contact with doctor during the course of treatment for the best result.

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Drug Energy Transmission (D.E.T)

D.E.T. is a unique mode of treatment for all type of disease. It is now established scientific system in alternative system of medicine based upon remote application of energy Medicines through waves.

The technique of D. E. T is applied in our Online Lives Care Clinic in order to cure the patients suffering from different disease .Individualization, similimum energy medicine selection and transmission process is carried out in our lives care clinic and after analysis of the suffering of the patient the ductile explanation. For treatment through D.E.T. Patient has to come to clinic For Proper case taking by specialist Doctor available Here Patient can also send mail of the completed case record from available on the site and then has to talk to doctor on phone, Computer, net. Patient has to send the 4 -5 separated hairs of the head or any port of the body for use in transmission process.

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Special Features of D.E.T.

  • Every disease will be cured, by root without any oral medicines, injection or operative’s process.
  • No ride of Medicines as nitty Narry had to be taken in their system of medicine.
  • Victory ner space and time Patient From any port is globle care take reatmuat is very shor time for any complain pahoent has to Just inform the done and hebce the Complain will he redived images ely.

Summery D.E.T. :-

  • Examination by doetor
  • Study of care
  • Computerised medicine selection
  • Seperation of hair from body Cexter heath
  • Start of tranamition on Process.


Kishore Educational & Charitable Trust Of India is established is 2003 by Kaushal Kishor Singh , President of the trust and Dr. Shyamal Kishore, the secretary with other member in keeping view to serve the living being of the universe with our sincere efforts.

Trust is committed to serve the community, bringing quality healthcare clinics, medical research centers, teaching self healing technique and educational institution in every part of the society.

Social & economical development for all and every part of the society without considering any class, caste, place, religion, sex and caring all lives for their happy and peaceful social life.

Our Moto :-

Let’s work together to establish a world free from mental and physical ailments, social injustice, faulty economic distribution and biased authority with a new vision of peaceful life.