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Anxiety neurosis is common forms of psychoneurosis. It is a series of symptoms due to faulty adaptation of stress caused in daily life. This type of anxiety involves distress . Patients have extreme anxiety and panic in situations that they feel are beyond their control.

Anxiety neurosis is caused by superstitious, irrational fear, imagined danger, and an inability to deal with the daily stress and strain of life. Anxiety neurosis is a result of the mental system, the physical system, and the behavioral system . Patient tells us that there is danger and alerts fight or flight response. Physical system then responds with varying physical symptoms . After the physical symptoms of anxiety kick in, the behavioral system responds to the fight or flight response. This is when people feel the overwhelming urge to escape the situation in which they are experiencing their anxiety.There are many different symptoms of anxiety neurosis. These symptoms will vary between patients and the severity of this disorder will also range between patients. Anxiety neurosis often strikes out of the blue and without warning. Some people even feel symptoms while relaxed or asleep.

Some common symptoms include:

1. Feelings of confinement
2. Feelings of alternating hope and despair
3. Feelings of suspense
4. Feelings of impending doom
5. Helplessness
6. Panic
7. Fear
9. Fear of future anxiety
10. Shortness of breath

DR. KISHORE MULTY SPECIALITY HOMOEOPATHIC CLINIC offers excellent treatment anxiety disorders. Through our constitutional homeopathic treatment the patient’s anxiety ,fear ,restlessness,sleepless is estingushed out permanentaly.Through the case study of the patient which involves past history, family history, personal history and temperamental study of the patient, origin of the disease is traced out by our experienced doctors and accordingly Homoeopathic remedy is given which eradicates the related diseases.

Homeopathic course of treatment would ensure permanent solution without any side-effects, as our homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural sources and are potentiatedin such a way that they do not bring any harmful effects on the persons using it.